Sen. Sep 26th, 2022

Quality Documents

As the documents are internal use only for UNIDA Gontor, please download using your

  1. The Basic Book – Quality Assurance Handbook (Pedoman Penjaminan Mutu) 2017 (download)
  2. The 1st Book – Quality Policy (Kebijakan Mutu) Rev.2019 (download)
  3. The 2nd Book – Quality Manual (Manual Mutu) Rev.2019 (download)
  4. The 3rd Book – Quality Standard (Standar Mutu) Rev.2019 (download)
  5. The 4th Book – Quality Form (Formulir Mutu) Rev.2019 (download), template here.
  6. The 5th Book – Quality Procedure (Prosedur Mutu) Rev.2018 (download A-Education, B-Research, C-Service, D-Uniqueness), or download per procedure here.
  7. The 6th Book – PM & SOP Guidelines (Panduan PM & SOP) Rev.2019
    (download), template here.
  8. The 7th Book – Form Guidelines (Panduan Form) Rev.2018
    (download), template here.
  9. The 8th Book – IQAS Guidelines (Panduan SPMI) 2016
    (download), template here, 5 years timeline planning implementation 2016-2020 here.